PRTRBPO.com is a provider of business process outsourcing to companies in Bangkok and Thailand. PRTR BPO is part of PRTR.COM, Thailand’s leading Bangkok based recruitment and outsourcing group of firms. PRTR BPO is part of a group of companies that is recognised as the most successful independent recruitment, human resource, payroll, staff outsourcing, sales force and business process outsourcing organisation in Thailand.

Typically, our customer solutions are based on combining our services to create unique solutions which focus on providing sustainable and achievable commercial improvements for our clients' companies.

PRTRBPO.COM has a firm commitment to take responsibility for its actions and to optimize the value we add to our clients, which in turn ensures we keep customers and that we maximise our profit margin. We are proud of our achievements and confident in our ability as a Business Process Outsourcing Agency in Thailand and Bangkok, to outshine our competitors.