Past Projects

PRTRBPO.COM directly addresses the increasing need of our customers for value added business process outsourcing services in Bangkok and Thailand. These requirements, to date, have been in the provision of PC / Sales Team Management, Sales Outsourcing, Warranty Management, a number of retail related services and a series of unusual management projects. PRTRBPO.COM is a relatively new business and was established to ensure that PRTR is able to provide, as a separate resource, the business and project management skills that address the increasing trend within Thailand’s business community for the outsourcing of many varied and interesting areas of business. PRTR has looked to Europe and America in understanding the future trends that are developing in Thailand and is ready and actively participating in providing interesting and original solutions to any business process outsourcing requirement.


PRTR has a number of unusual examples of Business Process Outsourcing and these are mentioned to allow new and existing customers to understand that whatever requirement they might have PRTR has the ability to understand that requirement and present a solution. PRTR recently started a project for a customer with a large workforce located in numerous locations. This project involves visiting numerous locations within Thailand to assess HSE standards and landlord contractual agreements. PRTR’s role is to ensure a set of pre-agreed KPI are in place on an ongoing basis. In addition, PRTR has presented proposals for the management of car parks, the setting up and execution of speed cameras and is looking to work within central and local government in the future.


The Retail Incentive Program was initially developed in 2008 as an extension of PRTR’s Warranty Management Program and has since become an independent service. The service is focused on ensuring that our customer’s retail partners, customer’s retail partner’s sales staff and our customer’s sales staff are paid their incentives accurately and very quickly. This allows our customers to pay any commissions or incentives more quickly than their competitors, which in turn allows our customers to gain a competitive edge over their competitors.


Since 2007 PRTR has been representing a number of selected multi-national and local companies in analyzing, establishing and running their warranty programs. PRTR has developed web based systems with comprehensive databases that allow our customers to receive the information that they require on a real time basis. This in turn allows our customers to understand their customer base by the analysis of the real time sales figures that are entered by PRTR into a database provided on a website specifically developed by PRTR for each customer.
Our customers then use this real time information to understand and adjust their marketing and sales campaigns. PRTR provides a high level of intelligence in the pre-establishment analysis of any warranty program and provides outstanding and sustainable web based warranty solutions.


The Retail Product Placement Optimization service was introduced in 2008 to complete our Retail Services. This program is focused on optimizing the shelf positioning of our customer’s products and the gathering of our customer’s competitor’s information. This information is gathered based on pre agreed timelines, compliance procedures and store locations. The information is then entered into databases that are developed by PRTR following our customers guidelines. PRTR BPO has a large workforce of information gatherers and an intelligent and entrepreneurial team of leaders that will work with our customers in optimizing their product placement.