Sales Outsourcing

Since 2004 PRTR has been selling our customer’s products and services with the strategic aim of adding new sales channels to our customer’s businesses. PRTR's sales outsourcing currently represents the interests of both multi-national and local companies and is currently selling personal loan, insurance, hygiene, cosmetics and consumer technology products and services. PRTR typically earns its fee based on the sales of our customer’s products or services that allows our customers to only increase their costs when their sales increase,  which is the absolute perfect scenario for any business.

PRTR is a highly entrepreneurial organization that has a very strong appreciation of why, how and where products and services are sold. We work with selected customers on a commission only basis and with other customers on a retainer basis with our sole objective being to increase the sales of our customer’s products throughout Thailand.  PRTR is always actively looking for quality partners in all product and service areas and can promise outstanding results.